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Speed Up


Upgrade your shower

One small tablet, powerful results.

Health care shouldn't be a weekly nor monthly exercise, it should be everyone's daily routine. CO2 tablet  transforms your daily shower to a whole new level, health care became so easy & simple.

Revolutionary Bathing System

From now, shower is your daily spa care.

A custom shower head, a CO2 tablet, combining with  running water produce an incredible CO2 spa that you would be amazed by the amazing performance. 

Heath care

Relieve stress, stay happy & healthy.

By improving our circulatory system, it speeds the recovery time from muscle tension. The process  also enhanced our autonomic nervous system, relaxing both body & mind.

Beauty care

Clean is not enough, hydration is the key.

Deep cleansing is just the first step, Nagayu CO2 tablet also acts as skin moisturizer, making sure your skin will be well hydrated for a simple 5 min shower.

Pet care

Healthy skin & coat, happy doggy life.

The benefits of CO2 spa also applies on pet, effective for Hot Spots, Insect Bites, Itchy Skin, Allergies, and Promotes Hair Growth.

Quality comes first

100% Safe & Natural

Strict quality control on ingredients and manufacturing process. In order to reached our standard, our CO2 products are researched and manufactured in Japan. 

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