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Hydrotherapy for Pet

CO2 therapy provide more than just deep cleansing,  the true value for CO2 spa is speeding up its self-healing process, effective for Hot Spots, Insect Bites, Itchy Skin, Allergies, and Promotes Hair Growth.

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Ways to use

CO2 Spa Shower

After rinsing off shampoo, place one CO2 tablet into the shower head and rinse it like regular shower. It will give you a much deeper cleansing result than regular water, applies moisturizing supplement on skin & coat at the same time.

Using a dry towel to  soak up CO2 spa, and wipe it on skin and coat for daily care. The You may also dissolve the tablet in spray bottle and apply on the problem area daily. Use the Nagayu spa spray within 12 hours for best result. 

CO2 Spa Bath

Place one tablet for every 30 liters of water while having your pet in the tub. Soaking in a Nagayu spa allows more CO2 enters into the body and creates metabolism boost, provide faster recovery from illness and wound. 

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