Q. Does Nagayu cure all the skin problems?

A. No, Nagayu is not the solution to all the skin problems. Simply because there is not a single treatment in the world that is capable of curing 160 different dog skin disorders, not to mention the ‘curable’ and the ‘incurable’ category.



Q. So what does Nagayu offer?

A: Nagayu offers a deep-cleansing bathing session and moisturizing skin-care with natural ingredient; it also functions as a metabolism-booster that speeds up the self-healing process. With the mentioned benefits, it often provides a huge relief from the skin trouble symptoms within one to two sessions.



Q. How is Nagayu a metabolism-booster?

A. When showering with Nagayu, the CO2 penetrate through the skin and enters into the blood-vessels. This action causes the blood-vessels to expand thus increase the blood flow; it also changes the blood pH level allows more oxygen released from hemoglobin for cell to absorb. This biochemical reaction is referred as “Bohr Effect”. - Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohr_effect



Q. How many ways are there to use Nagayu?

A. There are three ways to use Nagayu, each way has different purpose and benefit.


Bathing – Soak in the bathtub while have 3~4 CO2 tablets in it, it gives CO2 more time to enter into body, this therapy mainly target for faster recovery purpose.


Showering – Place one CO2 tablet into the Professional showerhead at the final rinse, a tablet last average 5 minutes till it fully dissolved. It is recommended to focus longer on the problem region for better result.


Wiping – Place one CO2 tablet into 1 liter of water, and soak up with a towel after the tablet dissolved. You can wipe on skin & coat for daily care.


Q. What is the pH level for Nagayu?

A. The pH level that CO2 tablet generate is between 6.5~7.5, preferable with most dog’s skin and less chance to cause irritation.



Q. Can you wash dog’s ear with Nagayu?

A. There are a lot of different voices regards to this question, but from our testimonials, yes you can totally use it in ear, Nagayu will clean up everything in there.

Q. How often do you use Nagayu on a skin disorder dog?

A. Depend on the severity level, if it's serious, we would recommend to shower with Nagayu every 3 days apart, but with Nagayu only, no shampoo. 

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