|| Power of CO2 SPA


CO2 SPA is mostly seen in hair salon in Japan, by rinsing with CO2 SPA, it instant repair damaged hair, creates better hair follicles environment, and provide much better clean than regular water.

CO2 SPA is very popular to use it on moisturizing mask nowadays, because mask that contains CO2 may allow the supplement penetrates through the skin, so cells absorb the supplement much better.   


Sport athletes often uses CO2 SPA for muscle soreness. By bathing in a CO2 SPA, it enhances body's metabolism which clear out the lactic acid faster, which shorten the recovery time. Many hospitals or rehabilitation centers installed CO2 SPA system as a treatment facility for angiemphraxis(blood clots) in Japan, results for the treatment is mostly successful.  

|| Ways to use Nagayu CO2 SPA


Showering is something we need to do every single day, why not choose a shower that give you a deeper-cleaning and improve your hair environment at the same time? Nagayu CO2 SPA can easily washes off the dirt, mineral waste, oil and provide your spotless skin, it also repair damaged hair and improve the condition of your hair.


Use a dry mask to absorb the CO2 SPA and masking for 3~5 min, adding addition supplement is also recommended because the CO2 within helps the skin to absorb the supplement more easily. We suggest to try CO2 skin-care or masking before put on make-up, you might find the amazing effect. 


Bathing is the original way of enjoy a Nagayu CO2 SPA, it allows CO2 to have more time to enter into our body. However, the nature CO2 spring is usually in low temperature, it is difficult to enjoy it during winter. Today Nagayu provides a CO2 SPA that you can enjoy at home and at any preferred temperature.

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